Button to perform delete of files and copy from open zip?

Hi All,

For some reason I'm having a hard time trying to wrap my head around this one.

I'd like to create a button that will:

  • Delete all files and subfolders from a specific folder (not the folder currently being viewed in the lister -- in this case, it will always be C:\Users\pt\wiki)

  • Copy all files and folders from the current lister to the folder above

  • Execute a DOS batch file which will then process the files and folders in the folder above

Can anyone give me any help in creating this button?

Many thanks,


From your subject title it sounds like you want the source folder to be the contents of a zip file. If so I haven't had any luck creating a button that will do everything you want. However if the source folder is a conventional folder, the following seems to work fine on my tests.

@nofilenamequoting Delete "C:\Users\pt\wiki\*" Copy "{s}\*" TO "C:\Users\pt\wiki\" @runbatch "D:\Mine\cmd\Test.cmd" "C:\Users\pt\wiki\"

Personally, I tend to avoid buttons like this. Instead I'd set up a dual lister with the left pane being the zip file contents and the right pane being C:\Users\pt\wiki\

Go "D:\test folder\Source\test.zip" DUALPATH="C:\Users\pt\wiki\" Delete "C:\Users\pt\wiki\*"

This makes it less automatic because I'd have to manually copy the zipfile contents to the destination lister pane but for me it's safer because I can monitor what I'm doing. You could then have another button to run the batch file sending the C:\Users\pt\wiki\ path to it.

This works, as far as I can tell:

Delete "E:\Temp\*" Copy {s} EXTRACT TO "E:\Temp" "C:\blah.bat"

Leo that's the button command code I tried to use at first but for me it would only extract the very first file or folder in the zip file.

That works for me. There seems to be a problem if you use {s}* without EXTRACT where it only extracts the first file, but if you use just {s} and EXTRACT it seems to work.

[quote="leo"]This works, as far as I can tell:

Delete "E:\Temp\*" Copy {s} EXTRACT TO "E:\Temp" "C:\blah.bat"[/quote]

Thanks Leo and JohnZeman. Leo, I've used your suggestion and it's working well!

Thanks again,