Button to take files in collection and put them in individual folders

I found this, which is very close to what I want

The problem with the above is it gets everything in the parent folder and I only want the selected file.

Basically, I ran a search and ended up with collection like this

Name Location
poster.jpg L:\The Matrix
poster.jpg L:\Gone With the Wind
poster.jpg L:\Silence of the Lambs

and I want to end up with

three folders

The Matrix
Gone With the Wind
Silence of the Lambs

and inside those folders there should be the corresponding poster.jpg and only the poster. Those parent folders contain other files but I only want to grab the posters/selected files. The button I linked to will grab all the files in the parent folder and I only want the ones listed in the file collection.

Hopefully that makes sense.


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This will do that, creating the folders in the destination file display:

Copy CREATEFOLDER={filepath|..|nopath}

If needed: How to use buttons and scripts from this forum

Thank you so much, worked great.

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