Button to take selected files and move to new folder

Something I do all the time is create a new folder, select some files, and move those files (usually drag and drop) to that new folder. Is there a way I could automate this with a button so that I select the files, hit the button, and a dialog to name the new folder pops up to which I provide a name, close the new folder pop-up, and the selected files are moved there?

Looked around here but frankly I do not know enough to know when I've got some code that is in the ballpark.

I love DOPUS for the user-made buttons that do things like clean-up filenames, copy filenames to clipboard, and doing predefined searches. I sure hope someone can point me in the right direction for adding one more time-saving button.


See the first part of this post for one way to do it:

[ul][li]Quick buttons for directory organisation[/li][/ul]

Wow, this is really remarkable. Worked like a charm too. Thank-you for being awake this late at night (its night here in California). I'm really happy for this time-saver.