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Button's name is invisiable


Toolbar’s button list, the name of buttons can’t be unhide from toolbar’s options.


Turn on Show Label for the individual button(s).

If that has no effect, look in Customize > Toolbars to see if labels are forced off for the whole toolbar there.


I hide label from buttons, and show in toolbar setting, the puzzle is buttons have different look between toolbar and the pop list, and leave a wide blank space before the icon. if the blank space could be hide is ok.


I am not really sure what we are talking about here.

What is in the screenshot? Is there a pop-up menu? What commands are generating it, or in it? Lots of details are left out so far which we need to understand what we’re looking at, I’m afraid.


Add a toolbar to the end of another toolbar, the space is no enough, so it generates this pop list.
ABCDEFGHIJK… are buttons on the same toolbar.


Works fine:

Why are you hiding the labels on the buttons if you want to see the labels?


It’s a very complicated thing, May my english is not enough to describe it clearly.
I wanna create a toolbar with very very low height, so I created a Icon set, and it’s small icon is 1x1pix, and set them to buttons, hide buttons label, now I get a toolbar with height about 12pix(although it is not low enough, and a seperator will streth it to a normal height), I use this toolbar with key sequence of buttons(because there are several menu button, so I can’t hide this toolbar).
In another way, If I want use this toolbar with mouse, so I switch the labels on in toolbar setting is quick more than set in every button one by one.
As the toolbar with 1x1pix button is not low enough, so I now move it to the end of another toolbar temporarily.