Buying a licence, question about the exchange rate AUD/Euro

I'm planning to buy another single or two machine license. Is it enough to use the exchange rate, which is displayed on top of my search engine for the day of ordering, in this case Duck Duck Go?

As i found, the exchange rate is varying on a daily basis by something like a Cent.

It should be close to what the search engine says. The exchange rate you get is ultimately up to your bank, in my experience at least. (May depend on the payment method and bank, of course.)

Thanks, i'll try that. Looking forward to the new licenses.


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As i found, my bank wants to charge me 20€ just for transferring money to GP/Australia, which i find quite a lot. So i considered to buy the license from Haage & Partner instead, but i am not sure if it is still possible, since the forum is down for weeks now, and i also couldn't reach anyone by telephone. Is there an alternative to buy a license and avoid those extra 20€?

You will probably get the best rate with a good credit card, with PayPal being a close second.

gpsoft has ended the cooperation with Haage & Partner.

DOpus beendet Partnerschaft mit Haage & Partner

Thanks, lxp and Hardkorn. It looks like i still could order from Markus then.