Byte data in Info Tip

Is it possible to display certain specified bytes in an info tip?

I would like to display the version number of a Java class file, bytes 5-8, in an info tip.

Hello, just searched exactly for this kind of functionality here in the forums.

I would need this too. Had several use cases for this in the last weeks..
I guess I'm going to put a feature request up.. or is displaying of specific
bytes in an infotip possible ?!

I'd like to read out version numbers of various ascii files or
the currently downloaded filename of *.part.met files, which eMule creates.


It's not possible at the moment. FWIW, I'd probably write a small Shell infotip extension if I needed this for a particular filetype. Opus can display whatever the Shell generates in its own infotips.

If Opus did had such a feature then I think it would need to be more complex than just "show me the numbers at these bytes in the file", since you need to be able to specify the size of each number (byte, word, dword, qword), the format of the numbers (at least char and int but maybe double and float as well?) and whether it is big or small endian. All seems rather esoteric to me.

Hi Nudel,

didn't get a reply-notice on this.. good I check the forums now and then.. o)

I think, you do not have to make it more complex than needed.

A placeholder like {filebytes,20,5} to return 5 bytes from position 20 in the
file and one like {findshowbytes,'version:',5} which searchs for the string
"version:" and return the following 5 bytes, would do it for me.

Different encodings (UTF8/16 etc) of such files shoud be no Problem, DO
is able to find data in those already. Little/Big endian or floats and stuff,
would not be needed in the first shot and probably not needed at all.

I put up a feature-request at gp-soft.. Greg said, he will see what can
be done.. so I did all I can do about that wish.. now wait.. o)

As I'm the first person to contact the developers with this topic,
you would be the second ?!.. o) Perhaps you also show your interest
to the developers.. two request should stay better in their minds than just
one.. o)

have a nice sunday.. o)

Having it search for a string and display N bytes after it is already more complicated/esoteric than what was asked for up until now. :slight_smile:

And with so many file formats storing 16 and 32-bit values in Intel format, just displaying individual bytes would not cut it for many cases. If you were talking about a bitmap, for example, it would be impossible to display its width by just printing out each byte in the order it appears in the file.

This is sort-of my point. If the feature is kept very simple/basic then it won't work for more than a handful of cases and may only be useful to the two people in this thread.

You can say "It doesn't need what I don't personally need... oh but it does need this extra thing..." but someone else might say the same, only with different features wanted/unwanted, because they're looking at some other file format. Seems to me it either has to be very generic (and thus more work to design/implement and more difficult to understand/use) or so simple that it only makes a couple of people happy.

I'm still not sure how many people would use it even if it was fully featured. I suppose if one person works out the codes to get useful information from a format then they can share them here and everyone else just has to plug them in. I can't think of any examples where people want/need that, though, except for formats which are far too complex for this kind of thing to handle (e.g. finding and decoding additional EXIF fields that Opus doesn't currently offer). Obviously there are examples or you guys wouldn't be asking for the feature. :slight_smile:

How many file formats are involved here? What sort of file formats? Are they commonly used, or are we talking about private/internal formats only used in one team or company?