Calculate Combined Folder Size

I have shift selected all the folder I am interested in. I want to make sure everything I have selected is going to fit on a USB drive. Only thing is Dopus does no show the combined total.

How do I get it to do so?


Hit CTRL-L.!Documents/GetSizes.htm

Hello Ixp,

Thanks for the reply. I assume CTRL L does the same as Get Sizes button does that I put in the toolbar. All that does is put the size beside each folder. I need something to add all those amounts up.


The status bar below the file display should show the size of all selected items (as well as the size of all items in the folder), unless that information has been removed by reconfiguring it.

(You still need to calculate the folder sizes via Get Sizes or Ctrl+L/K* for them to count toward the totals in the status bar.)

(*The default hotkey was Ctrl-L in older versions, and is Ctrl-K in newer ones, depending on when your config was made. It was changed as Ctrl-L is quite a popular key to for activating the address bar in web browsers and File Explorer.)

Bingo! Ta.