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I have used the "Calculate folder sizes automatically for" for a long time, but its started to anoy me, so I desided to turn it off. So I went to Preferences found the setting and disabeld it. The nag now, is that dopus is stille counting the size... how do I kill it totally?

The only reason why, that I can see is that it was turned on, when I saved my lister and made it my default lister. If thats right how do I change the saved lister to not count the folder sizes ?


The setting is probably overridden in one of your Folder Formats.

Go to Preferences / Folders / Folder Formats and work through each one, making sure that on the Options tab Get folder sizes is set to Default (which means use the global setting in Preferences / Folders / Options).

If you're using lister Styles or Layouts remember that when you save them the current Folder Format will be saved into them, so you may need to edit or resave them.

I don't think the Default Lister stores this setting so you should not have to worry about re-saving that once you've worked your way through the Folder Formats in the Preferences dialog.



I have been thruogh the "Folder Formats" and all is set to default. But it does not help.
I do not use "Content type" I have set it to "". If I change the "Content type" to eg documentes the file size is not calculated. So you (Of cause) were right.

Then my prob is now how to change the options for the content type?

As far as I can see the "Custom" under "Default Formats" should be the one used when nothing else hits, and the option i that is "Default" and was.

Hope your still with me :slight_smile:

How are you opening your lister?

If you go to Start -> run and type in

"C:\program files\GPSoftware\Directory Opus\dopusrt.exe" /cmd go C:\

does it calculate the folder sizes?

Either by win+o or double click the desktop.

If you go to Start -> run and type in


"C:\program files\GPSoftware\Directory Opus\dopusrt.exe" /cmd go C:\

does it calculate the folder sizes?[/quote]

It does not open anything.

[EDIT] Not sure why but now it opens a lister, and it is calculating the file size yes.[/EDIT]

This sound like a silly question but are you sure Opus is actually calculating folder sizes and not doing something else?

For example if you go to a folder you haven't been to in a long time, do you see the subfolders in it updating their sizes automatically?

Also, if you've sure that none of the Folder Formats turn on size calculation (even formats you don't think are being used, just in case), then do you have the Total File Count (AKA Files (Total)) or Total Sub-Folder Count (AKA Folders (total)) columns turned on? If so they will also cause folder sizes to be calculated while Opus traverses the directory to calculate the other information.

Hey I didn't know this, That makes a lot of sense though.

Ohhh.... I have.... When thinking about it it sounds quiet obvious.... And it works.... Thanks



I've fleshed this info out into a FAQ item:

[Calculate Folder Sizes Automatically)