Can Directory Opus Be Forced To Reuse The Same Folder Tab?

I have several locked folder tabs set up in my default lister. If one of these has the focus and I click another folder in the tree view, a new folder tab is created as expected. If I click one of my locked folder tabs again, and then go back and click another folder in the tree view, another new folder tab is created.

After a period of doing this while I am working with my files, I end up with many new folder tabs that scroll off the end of the Tabbar. Is there a way to make DOpus reuse one new unlocked folder tab so that the endless tabs scenario can be avoided?

Maybe I'm missing something!

I don't think there is, at least not at the moment.

If your locked tabs never change then you could save them as a tab group and make a button or hotkey which closes all open tabs and then opens the tab group to restore normality.

Another possibility would be adding a "close all unlocked tabs" command, or making the "Close all other tabs" command leave tabs which are locked. Then you could use those to get rid of all the "temporary" tabs.

If Opus did do what you originally suggested, would you want one temporary tab per lister, or one temporary tab associated to each locked tab?

Oh, just had a thought. :slight_smile:

Try using "Locked tab (allow folder changes)" instead of "Locked tab".

This means that you can change folders in the tab and it won't open a new tab, but if you click on the tab it will reset itself back to the folder it was showing when you locked it.

That is, more or less, the same as a temporary tab, except that you can't flick back & forth between the temp and the locked tab (but if you want to do that, just duplicate the tab before resetting it to the locked folder).

On the plus side, you don't even get one extra tab cluttering things up.

One temporary tab per lister would do the trick.

I tried your second suggestion but I'm not over the moon about it because the reason I have the locked tabs is for quick access to particular folders. If the tab gets temporarily renamed the original name doesn't show until I click on it and it defeats the purpose a bit.

I wonder if other people have an issue with this i.e. the way that tabs can get generated ad infinitum.

Thanks for your feedback.

Maybe Opus should indicate the folder that locked-allow-change tabs will go to if you click them. As in change the label to

Current Path (Reset Path)

or similar.

While that may still not solve your complaint entirely I think it's a good idea on its own.

I have filed feature requests for your temporary tab idea and for better labelling of locked-allow-change tabs, so that they're added to the request database for consideration and won't be forgotten.


I have the same problem and support this new feature request


I third this suggestion - also end up with multiple tabs I don't want open - something similair to the deafault tab in XYplorer would be useful.



Sorry realise it's already been put forward, just wanted to add my support.