Can DO Preserve Modify and Create Dates of Folders When Copy


I'm copying numerous folders that have multiple subfolders nested within them.

When Copying From one drive to another can Directory Opus Retain the MODIFY DATE and CREATE DATE for every folder as it was tagged on the origin drive?

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Settings->Preferences->File Operations->Copying Files
Check the checkbox -- Preserve the timestamps of copied files.


I know it will preserve timestamps for files, but will it preserve the timestamps (Create and Modify) for folders too?



Tested it : Seems to work here!

Yes, when copying from one drive to another on the same machine,
the timestamps of both files and folders are preserved by this setting.

The folder timestamps are copied when copying to network folders as well, at least from one Vista machine to another where the account has permissions to set the attributes.

In cases where it doesn't work it's probably because either the destination filesystem or the account's permissions do not allow the folder timestamps to be modified.

I vaguely remember something about FAT filesystems not allowing you to set folder timestamps but I might be mistaken.

Wow very impressive.

Thanks for the replies, everyone!

Off to play with the demo!


Yes, timestamps are preserved when copying from my Win98 SE machine to my Vista machine.
I don't copy from the Vista machine to the Win98 machine.

Works on FAT16 flash cards and my FAT32 removable HD .
Timestamps are not preserved when copying via FTP to my Linux web host though.