Can I change dialog item sizes in the script?

My problem is that I display full file paths in a drop-down box to choose and sometimes it doesn't all display. Is there a way to set the size in the jscript?

It seems like if I make the diag in xml I have options to set width, height, and make it resizable. If I really have to do that I will try learning that layout stuff, but I would really prefer a way to just make it wider in jscript if possible.

The Control object has x, y, cx and cy properties that let you size and position it programmatically, if that's what you're asking.

Okay, I think I've just been using the default stuff. So would I need the control object to overide the default stuff?

	var cmd = scriptCmdData.func.command;
	var sourceTabPath = scriptCmdData.func.sourcetab.path;
	// var selectedItems = scriptCmdData.func.sourcetab.selected;


	var dlg = cmd.Dlg;
	dlg.message = "Select Destination.\r\nParent: " + sourceTabPath;
	dlg.buttons = "MoveParentUp|MoveFileUp|Cancel";
	dlg.choices = [];
	var tempPath = DOpus.FSUtil.NewPath

	while (tempPath.Parent()) {

Edit: tried adding the following and nothing changed.;
	var dlgControl = scriptCmdData.func.command.Dlg.Control(dlg);
	dlgControl.SetSize(100, 200);

Well, I can't figure it out so I'm just going to do this :rofl:


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You won't get control over resizing in a simple requester style dialog. You need to make your own custom dialog for that.

You don't have to edit the XML directly. There is a GUI dialog editor for that, in the Button Editor's Resources tab.

Okay, that's what I thought. For now though, I'm just going to have a button with a lot of spaces on it to force the dialog to be wider.