Can I customize tab menu?

I have some question.
1,can I customize the tab right-click menu?
2,can I customize max width of right-click menu,for example the "history" list,if path is too long,the menu will very width.
3,can I customize file icon without change system icon,for example,when I "Enable internal Opus Zip support",the zip files icon will be change,but,I want change to another.I use "file type",but it seem does not to work。



For a faster response, please ask one question per thread, unless the questions are closely related. Otherwise we won't answer until we have answers to all of the questions at once, which may take some investigation. (Otherwise, it is too difficult to keep track of which threads still need answers.)

  1. The menu which normally appears when you right-click a folder tab cannot be edited at the moment, but you can configure Opus to show the folder context menu when you right-click the label part of a folder tab, and that can be customized:

    Preferences / Folder Tabs / Options / Treat tab label as folder when dragged or right-clicked

    (If that setting is turned on, you can still access the normal menu by right-clicking the icon part of the tab.)

  2. Pop-up menus have automatic width restrictions to stop them being wider than the screen, but there isn't a way to specify a particular width, no. They used to be restricted to a much more narrow width, but people complained they could not see their path history properly, so it was increased.

  3. The Windows "Open With" system may be overriding which file class is assigned to the .zip extension. (Windows has multiple ways to do this, unfortunately.) Which program do you get when you double-click a zip file?

    If you get Explorer, use Open With > Choose Default Program to choose Opus as the default program, and you should then be able to edit the .zip icon via the File Type editor and it should work.

    Or, if you want to keep Explorer as the default for double-clicks, you can edit HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CompressedFolder\DefaultIcon to change the icon it uses.

    Note that the Zip icons that Opus and Explorer provide are quite similar, so it might look like the Opus icon is being used when it's really the Explorer one.

    If something else opens the zip file, you might need to find it in the registry. In the File Type editor, you can use File > Diagnostic to produce a file with all the registry data about an extension, and post that here, and we should be able to tell you what to edit if you can't find the right thing.

    After changing the icon, you may need to fully exit Opus (File > Exit Directory Opus) and re-launch it to see the change in Opus. On the desktop and other Explorer windows, a reboot may be required, or clearing the icon cache and restarting explorer.exe.

(a) I wait it 4 day,it shout be done,at least shout being done.:neutral_face:
(b) I think these questions are similar, so put them together.Maybe I should ask separately.
(c ) The (1) (2) in separately is I can not.Whether there is any plan to develop this function in the future。
(3) Maybe you did not understand what I meant.look at the screenshots.How do I change the icon when the option is on?