Can I force Directory Opus open to a specific folder?

I believe the topic explains my query. Can I force Directory Opus to open to a specific folder or drive?

Do you mean when opening the folder from another program?

Do you want all folders to open in Opus, but that folder (or the way the other program launches it) isn’t for some reason, while others do?

Or do you only want that one folder to open in Opus but not others?

For me it sounds more like: Can I define a starting directory?
So, Opus shall always show a specific folder/drive after launching.

If correct an idea would be to lock the specific tab. And to define a default lister with focus on it and do not save changes at every closing of Opus. ok, locking the tab is not really necessary then. Or a script that set the focus to this tab at each start up.
But I think Leo can give a better answer if my assumption is correct. :slight_smile:

Yes I would like to define a starting directory.

I would like to create a script that will set the focus for a lister. Each time I start up. Your response is quite accurate.

How do I create a script to set the focus? Can I create a script for each lister?

Thank you very much for your response, Ed

I'm also new to Opus, but would be also be interested in such a script. Either we try to learn scripting or we can raise a script request in the correct forum area. :smiley:
In general this must be a script which defines for both panes (dual view) the starting tab when launching Opus and which pane shall have the focus.

Its a pity that such functions (starting directory, which pane/tab has the focus during launching) is not available as hard setting. Only via defining a default lister as far as I understood in a request from myself, but that has other disadvantages - at least I think Opus would start then always with the same tabs without remembering the last session.

But perhaps @Leo can give here some more precise answers. :slight_smile:

See the Startup folders FAQ.

But that means that Opus does not remember the last session, but is always launching in the state as it was saved as "default lister", right?

So you would have to set up Opus completely like you want with the tabs you want see in any session and save this as "default lister". If you open additional tabs in a specific session and restart Opus this additional tabs are closed, because Opus is launching with the "default lister" view.

Is my understanding correct? :slight_smile:

That seems to be what this thread was asking for.

Do you want Opus to remember which tabs were open when you close and re-open a window? Or do you want it to always open the same tabs? You can have either. (But if you want both, I'm confused, as the two things contradict each other.)

You can also use layouts and the various options under Preferences / Launching Opus for further options (e.g. only re-open the last windows/tabs when starting Opus after a reboot), and you can use saved layouts and folder tab groups to create alternatives to the default lister if you want those to open a fixed list of folders sometimes and not others, without affecting the default lister.

You can do pretty much anything that makes sense.

Also a combination can make sense: Example: Opus shall launch:

  • always with some specific tabs that show predefined folders/drives
  • in each pane one of the predefined tabs shall be "active/visible"
  • one of both panes has the focus when launching Opus
  • with the additional tabs from the last session

The first three topics can be achieved with the default lister and not saving when closing a lister as far as I understood.
At least at the moment I have no idea how to achieve all four topics without a script.

But perhaps for EMBBerwyn is your proposal sufficient. :slight_smile: If the tabs from last session shall not be remembered the default lister should work good.


  • Tell Opus to re-open windows that were closed on the last session, and turn off automatic updates of the default lister.

    That will let you pick up where you left off if you shutdown with windows open, while you can always open a default lister to get back to your fixed starting point.

  • Or put your starting point into a layout (or a folder tab group), and have automatic updates of the default lister turned on.

    That will preserve the last window you closed in all situations, but also gives you quick access to a fixed state via the layout (or folder tab group).

In either case, you're never more than a click or hotkey away from your desired starting point should you wish to revert to it.

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All this and there are NO INSTRUCTIONS on how to get DO to open to a specific folder!!! Let me continue to waste time researching this issue!!

They are linked earlier in this very thread:

See the Startup folders FAQ.