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Startup folders


See Also: Folder Formats FAQ

Directory Opus Pro:

To make Directory Opus always start in a specific folder:

  • Turn off Settings -> Preferences / Launching Opus / Default Lister / Update Default Lister automatically when closing a Lister.

  • Set up a lister window how you want it, including any folders/tabs you want.

  • Use Settings -> Set as Default Lister to save that as the default.

If you have modified your configuration to open a Layout (or something else) instead of the Default Lister, change it back under Preferences / Launching Opus.

Directory Opus Light:

  • Go to Settings -> Preferences / File Displays / Options.

  • Turn on Specify initial folder and select the folder you want.

  • To control the folder which opens in the second file display, do the same with the similar option below.

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