Setting a default lister

I am having trouble finding how to do two things. Making the very top bar of the window a color rather than white. narrowing the width of the name column in the lister and making the date/time column the next column after Name. I then want this to be my default for all future listers that are opened.

I am confident that there are explanations for doing these things but I have not been able to locate them.

Thanks for the wonderful product by the way.


For this part, you can have a look here:

[url]Startup folders]
[url]Folder Formats: Quick Guide]

For the columns, you can drag them around, before you save the default lister.

If the top part is the window titlebar (can't really tell from the cropped screenshot), then that color comes from Windows and should be the same in all programs which use standard titlebars (e.g. Notepad).