Opus Startup Folder and Format HELP!

I simply want Opus to start at in a certain folder, with the View Mode = Details. I have tried all of the following and more, but Opus insists on starting in the 'Opus SDK' folder that I downloaded. and it insists on only using View Mode = Thumbnails even when I define the Style it is displaying to use Details!

I have tried:
Preferences/Launching Opus/Startup - Set to:

  • Open Default Lister
  • also, Open the Listers that were open when the program was last closed.
    neither has worked. It always opens in the folder where I have downloaded the Opus SDK for some reason.

I have also tried:

  • I have several Styles. It always defaults to the 2nd one for some reason. (Which is fine, but I would like to know how to set that.)
  • It starts on the 2nd Style, which is definded as: Left File Display: Folder = '+ My Downloads'. But it will never start in this folder! And it does not save the entire full path, only the name of the Folder. (Not sure if this is a problem, or expected.)

:question: :question: :question:

  1. How do I tell Opus to Start in a specific Folder?
  2. How do I tell Opus to Start with a specific View Mode: Details??
  3. How do I tell Opus which Style to use as the default to start with???


Since you are opening the Default Lister, set things up as you want them and use Settings -> Save as Default Lister in the menus.

For more information see these two FAQs:

[ul][li]Startup folders[/li]
[li]Understand and configure Folder Formats[/li][/ul]

Thanks Nudel,

Also, is there anyway to save/backup all of the Preferences and Toolbar Configuration settings I have customized in case I need to reinstall or restore from a backup?

Settings -> Backup & Restore.