Stop Dopus from remembering tabs

For some reason, every time I start DOpus, old tabs gets reopened. And I don't mean the ones I was last using. Folders that are long gone are "opened", even though they've been deleted for weeks. Is there some way to turn it off?

How many different ways to you open Opus, and what do the settings on the various pages under Settings / Preferences / Launching Opus look like?

The short of it is Opus can be set to open in different ways depending on how you launch it (on startup, from program shortcut, desktop dbl-click, or even hotkeys or custom commands, etc)... and those pages determine how.

Might also be worth looking at the format lock icon on the status bar, and seeing where Opus says the currently displayed format is coming from - both when things launch normally and again when things look wrong, and compare. It's an unlikely thing, and wouldn't directly tell you HOW it happened, but if you discover that the ~wrong folder format is coming from some tab group or something, then maybe that'd lead you someplace related like a Style being loaded for some reason, or... something.

Thanks. I fixed it by saving a new lister layout.

The Startup Folders FAQ has guidance on how best to do this.