Slow start, tries to read removed drive!

I move a lot of drives on and off of my prototype machine, making copies, reinitializing disks, making backup copies, etc. DOPUS keeps trying to read the disconnected drive and takes a long time to come up. This is very annoying and slows my work down considerably. When I open DOPUS I expect it to come up quickly and if a drive is missing, so what, just go back to an overall view of all available drives. That would be more useful instead of taking forever to tell me something I already know. If you display all of the available drives with perhaps a warning that a particular drive or drives are missing since the last time, that would be alright. Delaying starting up because of this is just a pain. If I need a disk manager to troubleshoot a drive or assign a drive letter, I can do that with other tools like Acronis or Paragon.


Making Opus always open showing a particular folder (that is always there; e.g. Desktop) is what I would do. Here's how: Startup Folders.