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List of FAQs organised by topic


Directory Opus FAQs organised by topic

This post contains a list of Opus FAQs organised by topic rather than by age as they are when you view the FAQ forum.

Installation and Evaluation Period

Folders, Formats, View Modes and Filters

Older versions:

Window Sizes and Positions


The Rename Presets area has lots of examples of finished rename buttons, presets and scripts.

Viewer and Viewer Plugins

Toolbar and Command Editing

The Buttons & Scripts area has lots of example buttons and scripts.



Other How-To Guides

Other Troubleshooting

Third-Party Software and Devices

Forum Etiquette, Terms and Conditions

Dopus at 50% usage (on dual processor machine)
Logitech MX Revolution "back" button not working...?
File dragging - move instead of copy
Tip of the day?
Remember exact folder settings, columns etc
Folder Formats: Special Folders [Opus 9 and earlier]
Display type won't keep
Super Sluggish UI, CPU at 50+ as when opened
Understand and Configure Folder Formats [Opus 9 and earlier]
Keyboard hangs when Lister is on HTML / HTM files Viewer
Trialling DOpus 9
A few things
Moving columns permanently
Dopus Rename/Copy Crash
How do I save a custom interface?
Error og crash
SFTP not working? And ESET issue
Add a button that takes you to a folder, not working
Recurrant unresponsiveness
Two quick Q's please
Shrink, Grow, Auto-size Columns in Listview mode
Go back/go forward mouse buttons
Directory Opus freezing
Media Preview plugin - Error
Opus 9: folder tree won't receive color
DOpus on Win. XP Pro stopped working! help file displays html instead of content
Settings file
Clicking on image file does not open with correct program
Command for copying path to clipboard
Totally confused - make all folders use the same columns
Dopus unresponsive after many file operations
Disable image viewer
Frequently crashes since I updated to w8
File Filter Field Won't Remember My Settings
Problems with Context menu
DOpus crashes intermittently
Disappearing columns in "My Computer"
Mouse Hotkey (Go Back/Forward)
[Suggestion] Dockable Panels
How to make View/Details in a Folder the default
Directory Opus has encountered a program error
Extremely long startup time with huge memory consumption
Directory Opus Locks Up
Windows crashed. Can I restore settings from program-files?
Location of Preferences
Opus instability
Directory Opus 10: How to go back to the old layout?
How to open images in Windows Preview?
View menu in DOpus 10
DO 10 crashing a lot
DOpus 10 crashing quite a bit
My 9.5.6 x64 sometimes freezes
Using External Picture Viewer
Some Suggestions or "Bugs"
Open new folders as tabs in the default lister?
Have buttons for *.pdf, *.doc, etc.?
Thumbnail Colour View Of Image & RAr Zip Files Issue
Directory Opus 9.5
FTPs stopped connecting (mostly)
DOpus 9 and Windows 7
A few Qs
Lister File Display... need help
Color of Sorted Column
Opus in Windows 7
Protocol/path to assign various players to different video f
Force New Listers to Open in a New Tab Instead?