List of FAQs organised by topic

Directory Opus FAQs organised by topic

This post contains a list of Opus FAQs organised by topic rather than by age as they are when you view the FAQ forum.

Installation and Evaluation Period

File Open/Save dialogs

Folders, Formats, View Modes and Filters

Older versions:

Window Sizes and Positions


The Rename Presets area has lots of examples of finished rename buttons, presets and scripts.

Viewer and Viewer Plugins

Toolbar and Command Editing

The Buttons & Scripts area has lots of example buttons and scripts.


Older versions:


Other How-To Guides

Other Troubleshooting

Older versions:

Third-Party Software and Devices

Forum Etiquette, Terms and Conditions

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DOpus 10 crashing quite a bit
DOpus on Win. XP Pro stopped working!
How to make View/Details in a Folder the default
Add a button that takes you to a folder, not working help file displays html instead of content
Remember exact folder settings, columns etc
Some Suggestions or "Bugs"
How do I save a custom interface?
Opus in Windows 7
Using External Picture Viewer
My 9.5.6 x64 sometimes freezes
Recurrant unresponsiveness
Error og crash
Two quick Q's please
Support for 4NT descriptions
DO 10 crashing a lot
View menu in DOpus 10
Protocol/path to assign various players to different video f
How to open images in Windows Preview?
Directory Opus 10: How to go back to the old layout?
Opus instability
Location of Preferences
Windows crashed. Can I restore settings from program-files?
Open new folders as tabs in the default lister?
Directory Opus Locks Up
Extremely long startup time with huge memory consumption
Directory Opus has encountered a program error
[Suggestion] Dockable Panels
DOpus crashes intermittently
Frequently crashes since I updated to w8
Start DO in specific folder
M00shi DarK Kompact
Force New Listers to Open in a New Tab Instead?
Dopus unresponsive after many file operations
Totally confused - make all folders use the same columns
Clicking on image file does not open with correct program
New User General Questions & Talking Points
SFTP not working? And ESET issue
Media Preview plugin - Error
Directory Opus freezing
Moving columns permanently
Dopus Rename/Copy Crash
Trialling DOpus 9
Super Sluggish UI, CPU at 50+ as when opened
Have buttons for *.pdf, *.doc, etc.?
Thumbnail Colour View Of Image & RAr Zip Files Issue
Directory Opus 9.5
Problems with Context menu
Shrink, Grow, Auto-size Columns in Listview mode
FTPs stopped connecting (mostly)
Opus 9: folder tree won't receive color
Mouse Hotkey (Go Back/Forward)
Logitech MX Revolution "back" button not working...?
File Filter Field Won't Remember My Settings
Go back/go forward mouse buttons
Disable image viewer
Command for copying path to clipboard
Tip of the day?
Keyboard hangs when Lister is on HTML / HTM files Viewer
File dragging - move instead of copy
Disappearing columns in "My Computer"
Display type won't keep
Dopus at 50% usage (on dual processor machine)
A few things
A few Qs
Settings file
Lister File Display... need help
DOpus 9 and Windows 7
Color of Sorted Column