How to Change the Format of a Non-Formatted Folder

For folders that I have not formatted specifically, they are in a specific format with specific columns like Modified Date and Time, Attributes, etc. How do I change all of these folders to display a different default folder format?

I have already changed the user's default folder. This doesn't seem to do anything.

Click Opus FAQs at the top of the page, and it's the 2nd item in the menu.

Thanks for the quick response! Unfortunately, there wasn't any Opus FAQs at the top of the page. I found the following on the main homepage and I was able to locate this:

And, I am guessing you meant that I look at this:

I actually had done everything on this page except quit Opus completely. And it worked!

I think a great improvement for Opus would be to reorganize Preferences, Folder Options, File Types, etc. It takes an incredibly long time for me to figure out how to do something even though I've been using Opus for a year now. There are so many options in so many different places. It's hard to memorize and check all the different locations. I know this would be a huge overhaul though. I guess it's like any software. You've been adding features after so many version so it starts getting messy.

It should be here, unless you selected the "No Header" theme (which isn't the default):

I don't think that would have helped you here, and moving things around would just, well, move them around. There would still be a lot of things, and then everyone who was used to where they were would have trouble finding their new locations.

We do reorganise parts of Preferences when it makes sense to, but the fact is there just are a lot of options. If you want fewer options, use Opus Light, but then you'll probably find some options you liked are no longer there. One person's useful setting is another person's clutter, and no two people are the same. (We often get people expecting the program to be made just for them, with every option they use kept, and every option they don't use removed. That's unrealistic.)

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