Problems caused by unofficial patches

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If you have installed an "unofficial" Opus release or patch and are experiencing problems then the obvious first thing to try is uninstalling it and then buying and installing a proper, official copy of the program.

That should go without saying but, incredibly, it seems some people are foolish enough to install unofficial versions of Opus, to bypass the copy-protection, and then wonder why things don't work properly or stop working when an update is released. Some even go on to ask for help on these forums which is rude and a waste of everyone's time.

If you like the program enough to use it beyond the 60-day free trial period, enough to keep it updated to the latest version, enough to care about it when it doesn't work and enough to ask for help when you have a problem then surely you like it enough to buy it?

Even if you only think of yourself and ignore the fact that you're ripping off a small company, isn't it worth the money to not have to worry about these issues?