Display full name or path in pop-up info-tips

If you use fixed-width columns, or modes like Thumbnails or Tiles which truncate long filenames, the instructions below can help you by putting the file name, or even full path, into the info tip which appears when you hover over things.

How to display info tips:

  • Mouse users can reveal info tips by hovering over files and folders.

  • Keyboard users can hold Ctrl to display the info tip for the item with focus.

  • When and where info tips appear is controlled via Preferences / File Displays / Options / Enable file InfoTips in... , so check there if you are not seeing info tips at all.

How to add the filename to info tips:

  • Open Settings > File Types.

  • Double-click All Files in the top part of the list.

  • Select the Info Tip tab, which probably looks like this:

    Type:		{type}
    Date Modified:	{modifieddate}
    Size:		{sizeauto}
  • Add {name} somewhere (wherever you want, but the top line probably makes sense).

  • While you're there, you might want to add thumbnails to the info tips as well. This is what I use:

    Type:		{type}
    Date Modified:	{modifieddate}
    Size:		{sizeauto}

    You can find the other things you can insert via the Insert Field button, or the menu which appears when you type {.

  • If you want the same for folders, do similar to the above for the All Folders type.

  • You'll probably also want to edit most of the things in the File Type Groups part of the list. They override the generic info tips to provide more specific information for those types. (e.g. Images includes picture dimensions and lots of other information.) So you'll probably want to add {name} to them as well.

  • If you want the full path instead of the name, use {fullpath} instead of {name}.

This post has similar instructions but with more screenshots, if you are still stuck: