Directory Opus displays an error referring to ws2_32.dll

Summary: When Directory Opus is launched, it fails to start and you receive an error referring to a missing DLL "ws2_32.dll".

ws2_32.dll is the Windows Sockets (winsock) version 2.0 DLL and is included as standard with Windows 98, Me, NT4 2000 and later. However, it did not come with the original release of Windows 95.

It seems that on some Windows 95 systems, even upgrading to the latest version of Internet Explorer does not update ws2_32.dll. Because Directory Opus relies on Windows Sockets 2.0 functionality for its FTP support, Directory Opus will not run if this DLL is not present on your system.

If you receive this error when running Directory Opus, the only solution is to download and install Windows Sockets 2.0 from Microsoft.

You can download ws2_32.dll from this link.

You can find more information about this problem in Microsoft Knowledge base article 182108.