Can I have both 12 and 13 running on Windows 11 at the same time?

I too have been using Dopus since the Amiga days and love it. I just purchased the upgrade to my five licenses but I have not installed it yet because there seems to still be a bunch of kinks that need ironed out. I'd like to install it along side 12. I have two questions:

  1. is there a way to do that?
  2. now that I purchased 13, do I need to go to all of my machines still running 12 and update the certificate?

Thanks for any help!

  1. Only via a USB licence, you can't have both versions installed at once.
  2. No, you only need the new certificate when you upgrade the software.

What kinks are you referring to specifically?

Thanks for your reply.

I have been reading here and on reddit that it often closes on an error, has issues with image display, issues with copying, etc... I'm not that concerned, I know it will be all worked out but I wanted to try it on my computer before I fully committed to the change. I'm currently trying it on my laptop which is pretty bare. I see some quirky grey lines and areas of the screen in the lister that do not update at times. I'll probably wait it out for a couple months. I do like what I'm seeing though.

There were some crashes for people with specific other software installed in 13.1, but those have all been fixed.

Not sure what the image or copying issues are, unless you mean copy progress dialogs not appearing, which is a problem caused by other software (which has been causing problems with Opus and other tools for years; see Conflicts with tools that move, on-top or modify other windows ).

You're unlikely to run into problems, but you can always reinstall Opus 12 if you need to. Just make a config backup in Opus 12 before installing 13 and you always have that option.

Note that the sub-Reddit isn't run by us and we don't monitor it. Don't know why anyone would go there rather than here, especially given how awful Reddit is to use generally these days.

Yeah, reddit has not been user friendly lately.
Thanks for letting me know that I'm able to back to 12 if backed up. I'll give it a go.

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Well, it turns out you guys are right.
Everything seems to be working wonderfully and I really enjoy some of the new features such as the ability to have the server copy files to itself without having to first download them to my computer. I installed it on my two computers at home which are windows 11. The one that showed the screen update glitches were on my laptop which is too old to update from windows 10 to 11. Definitely worth the upgrade price which I feel was very reasonable. It's also nice that it downloaded the new certificate automatically.

Here's to another 30 years of enjoying your excellent program! Thanks again.


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