Can I have confirmation dialog on every move?

Hi all!
is this possible, whenever I try moving a file (usually from drag & drop) to have a dialog asking whether I'm sure??
I searched through the forum but couldn't find anything relevant ..
thanks very much!

In -> settings -> file types -> all files & folders -> "edit" -> events you find the "COPY MOVE" command.
If you edit that by adding "@Confirm caution, files will be renamed!|continue|abort" it should work.

thanks very much for the fast reply and solution!

Thank you for solution, but it doesn't work when use FTP.

I can move any folder on server without asking confirmations, but on local drives it works perfectly. Any ideas?

Are you trying to avoid accidentally dragging folders onto the folders they are next to when clicking on them? If so, you can disable that entirely if it helps.

Hi Leo

I want to avoid accidentally dragging folders without confirmation, yes. But not to disable it entirely, if it is possible. Just the same confirmation dialog as with local folders.

I don't think the drag & drop events can currently be changed for FTP files/folders, unfortunately. As far as I can think of, there isn't currently a way to add a confirmation dialog in this case, sorry. :frowning:

If you turn off Preferences / File Displays / Options / Allow drag and drop into sub-folders (without a qualifier key held down) then you have to hold down a specific qualifier key (ctrl = copy, shift = move, alt = link) for drag and drop to a sub-folder to work.

Thank you jon, it completely solves my task.

Leo, thank you too, now I understand you mentined the same thing.

It is even better than confirmation dialog. Thank you!

for some weird reason, that doesn't work for me...i do need to press a modifier key to enable moving/copying, but when i drop it off, nothing happens. any ideas?

What's the command run by the filetype event corresponding to the key you are holding down? e.g. "Drag-and-Drop + Shift" normally runs "copy move".

aha! it's not defined! thanks very much!

That's unusual, if we're talking about the "All Files And Folders" filetype. (Usual for the others, though. I should have said which one to look at before, sorry.)

yes, it was the all files and folders one.. there have been some weird things going on in my setup (probably because of extended poking around without RTFM)