Can I install revision upgrade over existing version?

It's nice to see regular updates and new features in Opus but what is the best policy when installing these revisions? Should I install over my exisiting copy or remove it first and do a clean install?

To be honest I've not experienced any problems with so I don't really feel the need to upgrade just yet.

Let me know your thoughts... :smiling_imp:

Yes just install over the top, as always.

I keep getting upgrade notices for version 8.2.1. When I install it and reboot the about shows the older version. Any ideas?

Hmmm... maybe because is the latest and not 8.2.1?

To be clear. I downloaded the latest version 8.2.2 tried to install it directly over the old version 8.2.1 and after restart clicking on Opus the old version is still resident, not 8.2.2.

Well, aside from suggesting you open a support ticket with GPSoft directly, my only move would be to export all Opus settings, then do a complete uninstall/reinstall.

Thanks Uninstalling worked. I would not have thought to back up my prefs. Thanks again.

Settings->Import and Export is a power users best friend :laughing: