Can I make the "Name" Column smaller without horizontally scrolling first?

I often have folders open where the name column is extremely wide, because there are long filenames in the folder. When it is so wide, I cannot see the size, type and date columns anymore. I often need to see those.

In order to make the name column smaller and see the other columns, I have to

  • scroll the view to the right
  • grab the right edge of the name column and resize it.
  • scroll the view back to the left

This is extremely tedious and error prone.

Is there any easier way to shrink the name column quickly in a dual lister?

There are several ways you can set up the columns so they never push others off out of view:

You could also make a button or hotkey which can be clicked to resize the column to a specific size, if you want to keep the behavior as-is the rest of the time.

What about using the 'freeze columns to here' by right clicking on the headings? Would that do it for you?