Can I separate file and folder names from each other?

I have a program that not offered any recursive switch internally, so if I want enforce it to work with subdirectories, I should add a *.* at the end of directory names.

DOpus Command Control Codes does not distinguish between file and folder names. What can I do if I want add a *.* just at the end of selected directory names (file names be omitted)?

I used the following code for this aim, but not worked:

@set folderonly
@set strDirs = {F!}  
@set fileonly
@set strFiles = {F!}
@set strArgument = {$strDirs}\*.* {$strFiles}


I'm sorry, the previous letter was mistyped :blush:
The code is:

@set strDirs = {F!} 
@set strFiles = {F!}
@set strArgument = {$strDirs}\*.* {$strFiles

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You are wonderful Dear Leo, Kissssssss :laughing:
I am amazed why GPSoftware is not added a separate file and folder variable for these needs to now:!: :exclamation:

However, I modified your code to be compatible with {allfilepath} too. The new code is attached to this letter and I hope to be useful for other peoples with the same problem.

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I'm sorry again :blush: The attach was forgotten.


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