Can i stack 4 explorer windows

I haven't downlaoded the app yet. But i saw in their screenshot that it is possible to stack 2 explorer windows.
But can I stack 4?

You can save layouts that open as many windows as you want, in any saved positions.

Each window can only have at most two file displays visible at the same time (plus unlimited folder tabs).

So if you wanted 4 file displays visible at once, you'd need to place two windows next to each other, and could then save and load that as a layout next time you needed the same thing, or save it as your default for every time the program is launched.

hi thanks
but in this screenshot it appears there are 2 different folders open

Yes, 2, not 4.

so i could have 2 different explorer windows in the app at once.

if i create 2 instances of the app, will i effectively have 4 explorer windows open?
it that allowed?

You can open as many windows as you want.