Can I Start With Grid Lines Enabled?

There's a nice feature that helps me with visibility found here:

The alternate background colors beneath the Folder menu in the lister display are the result of turning this option on.

When I turn this option on, it always ends up off when I restart the app. I tried saving and making it default for the folder option here, but this did not help:

Is there anyway I can have Grid Lines remain on when restarting? It looks like the folder menu toggle is a different option than the ones found under Preferences.


You can turn them on permanently from Preferences / File Display Modes / Details.

Thanks for responding. I did see this option under Settings, but it did not appear to have the same behavior. I turned the option on here, and it is different. It is showing dotted lines between files in the lister as opposed to the alternate colors I was looking for.

Use the drop-down to select the style you want. The "solid block" shown below gives you alternating colors.

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Thanks. I have the look back after changing the color to Folder|Grid Lines was using for colors using the dropper to match the same color.