Can I uninstall & reinstall quickly (for testing) or will that trigger a flag with my license?

Greetings. Today I successfully installed DOPUS Pro on a 'new' Win10 PC I'm building, setting DOPUS as full Explorer Replacement.

However, my next installation (a Microsoft legacy program using Sharepoint Designer) failed immediately after, due to "error occurred during the installation of assembly components." (I've installed to 2 other Win10 machines without problem that weren't running DOPUS.) I'm considering uninstalling DOPUS to see if that clears the issue with Sharepoint Designer.

But I'm concerned that if I install/uninstall in short order that perhaps some issue might trigger with re-activating my license.

Am being pro-active so as to avoid unnecessary problems. Thank you Team DOPUS.

It won't cause any problems with your licence. You'll just need to re-enter it afterwards.

Note that uninstalling will erase your config, so do a config backup first (Settings > Backup & Restore) if you've made changes you want to keep.

I successfully uninstalled & reinstalled DOPUS but without resolution of the Sharepoint issue. At least now I am confident there's no conflict with DOPUS. I much appreciate the 'immediate' answer!

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