Can Label assignment of folders be share between 2 PCs

I've searched the forum but couldn't come up with any answer for this. Well, if the answer already please pardon me for double post.
I'm using Opus on two different PCs. When I label a folder, let's RED on one PC, I'd think or wish that since the drive that the files are located in, are actually networked then Opus on both PCs would see the same label color. However, that's not the case. Which makes it a bit counter productive because the point of labeling the folder, it's for a user to be able to pin point it anywhere by the same visual coding characteristic.
So, is the fault on me, not knowing how to set Opus to read the same label on both PCs or Opus literally doesn't have the label feature networked?

Thanks for your answer.

You can add comment or keyword to folder, and create new label filter on both PC.

Thanks for answering but I don't think your answer cover my question though (at least not in detail). I know how to put filters, label and keyword on a folder in DOpus. The problem is, when I customize PC1, PC2 doesn't replicate these changes. Example, If I have "My Documents" folder labeled red in PC1, when I navigate that same "My Documents" folder in PC2, the folder is at its regular default state, no changes. If DOpus can replicate these changes over the network between two PCs, what is the procedure? Is there a specific setting that both DOpus copies got to be on, for that to work?

Like I point, it makes no sense to have DOpus running on two PCs and the changes of folders Label doesn't reflect on the other. If I manually customize 100 folders on PC1 and DOpus can't replicate the changes over the network, then I have to manually customize the same 100 folders on PC2?

Thanks for helping!!

Do you try what's I say?
Add keyword "red" to networked folder, create new label filter in both PC with keyword "red" to display it in "red".
So in PC1, if folder have "red" keyword, it's display in red, and in PC2 too.

OK, I guess I'm clearly doing it wrong because it's not working.
Here are the settings I have on both machines. Are you talking about something else?

You need to add a label filter to the "Labelled files and folders" list (which we should perhaps rename, thinking about it).

You don't need to create a "Red" label in the Filters part of Preferences. That just makes it so you can easily re-use a filter, but does not actually assign it to anything.

There are a couple of examples of creating label filters in my new video. This should jump to the relevant part:

Of course you need to have

I see why I couldn't get what you meant. I haven't upgraded to so, yeah, I don't have that feature. Well, guesss, I'll have to.

Thanks a lot!!!