Can no longer open images from Lister in Viewer

I used to be able to either double click or select and hit Enter on an image file in Dopus and have it open in a separate Dopus Viewer window, even with FastStone Image Viewer set up as the Windows default image viewer (desktop itself was another matter: FastStone by default). For surprisingly-much-better-than-basic editing there's no comparison, but for quick, minimal viewing I favored Dopus. The two got along fine. Everyone was happy.

New setup here and I had FastStone once again set up as default. I then installed Dopus 12.6. Images open in FastStone and not Viewer. Please tell me there's a setting to adjust and make this booboo better?

The first link did the trick, Leo.

I got as far as...File Operations - Double-click on Files: Use internal picture viewer...

And then I froze as I didn't understand the difference between the two choices of unregistered and all recognized. Figuring that the existing choice - unregistered - wasn't doing what I wanted I chose all recognized, which now functions as I've become accustomed. The momentary mental barricade for me was being ignorant as to which choice to make.

Grazie once again, Leo!

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When in doubt, press F1 and RTFM :slight_smile:

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