Can only go "Back" once

I searched this forum, and have looked over all the settings, but I must have overlooked something.

If I browse to 5 different folders, the "Back" button will only let me go back one time and then gets dimmed out.

What am I missing?


How are you going from folder to folder?

What are the folders?

I'm going from folder to folder by clicking once on each folder in the left pane. The folders are not hidden - just normal folders I have created.

I have Opus set up to show folders in the left pane and only files for an active folder in the right pane.

The back button will take me back to the previous folder, but no farther. Is there any cache or logging feature that I may have turned off that would affect this?

Ah, it's probably these settings:

Settings -> Preferences / Favorites & Recent / Recent List

Both the Recent List and Lister History are usually set to 10 folders; sounds like one of them is set to 1 for you.

Duh, had Lister History set to 1 .... Thanks so much, Leo!