Can the copy window be resizeable please?

Thanks for making the current path displayed in the copy window.

However can we make the window resizeable? The project I am working on has a directory structure like /files/sm/XXXX/Jobs/[somelongfilename] where XXXX can be one of 115 different values and it is these values that i am interested in. Since the path can be quite long and the window is quite narrow and since the path has been truncated with "..." then even with all of the new functionality I am still none-the-wiser about what is actually being copied as the 'XXXX' is missing.


Thanks in advance.

Dave A

The window is resizable if the Copy Queue is in use, so you could queue a dummy job, I guess. Not ideal, obviously.

If you want it resizable at all times, send a feature request to GPSoft Support (link in my sig).