Can the duplicate finder do this? i hope so ; ;

I am pretty frustrated... I just spent the last 30 min of my life ticking boxes in the duplicate finder (because I had like 10000+ files in there~ long story ><), and then dopus crashed. sigh

Well, I saw at the very bottom an option for a delete mode. Is there a way to tell directory opus to delete all duplicates that arent in a user specified folder ~automatically~ if there is, could you tell me please~

thanks in advance!

I think I know why you're asking... do you basically want to be able to run a dupe file find with the delete option enabled, but you want to be able to keep the dupe files that are in a preferred folder?

I don't think there is any way to do this - and I'm not sure what Dopus looks at to determine which files stay and which files get marked for deletion... maybe whatever the first 'version' of the file that is found to have a duplicate stays and anything found after it goes...? If that is the basic logic, this problem could be solved by Dopus adding mulitple folder capability in it's find utiltity operations. Either way sounds like a good feature request.

Side note- For a few reasons besides what actually happened to you (the crash) I'd also REALLY like the dupe find operation to 'save' the marked for deletion check-boxes. There are times when I've waited a very long time for my dupe find to finish, only to not immediately have the time to review the files marked for deletion; and if you shut down that lister and later go back to the 'Find Results' collection - the delete markers are all gone. Be nice for them to still be there for review 'later'.

i second your feature requests! btw, thanks for the quick response. oh and is there an upper limit of files that can be in a folder before dopus crashes upon opeing it? i have this on folder that dopus always crashes on and its so annoying that i can no longer have dopus as an explore replacement, but rather an explorer utility

As far as the duplicate finder thing, it's unfortunate that DOpus doesn't have capabilities like that, but it really is just one program. I for one would love to have nothing but Office and DOpus on my computer and be able to do everything that I want to, but it's not going to happen. At some point we will have to take DOpus as is, without expecting it to be the one program to end all programs.

That said, if you're still looking for a good way to delete duplicates in one folder while keeping the files in another folder, check out CloneSpy. Great program, lots of automatic selection options, dual-pool searching, duplicate finding based on checksums rather than just name and size, etc. It's the only program I use for duplicate management. And it's free.

As for the crashing thing, I have several folders on my computer that have fairly large numbers of files, the largest having 25,000 files, and DOpus has never crashed on me. Exactly how many files are in this folder that you're talking about? Does it crash as soon as you click on the folder in the tree, or does it start to list files before crashing? DOpus, at least in my experience, has actually been BETTER at handling folders with large numbers of files than Explorer is. I've never crashed DOpus opening a folder, but I have crashed Explorer many, many times opening big folders.


well, i have this one folder that is treated like a music folder, but there are many directories in it. anyway this 1,150 item folder crashes when i move my mouse down to the area where the single files are. i think that it may be because of some characters that are being displayed... but that's odd since i'm using the latest unicode version~

but on a side note, i am recovering from a mass file recovery (hard drive got rewritten accidentally... serveral times -.-) and so i have many music files that have no title or id tag. is there a such program that can take a wave sample and search other wave samples (of songs) for a match? does that make sense?

thanks for the replies! and thanks for the tip on the duplicate finder, i'll try it out as soon as i migrate my backups!

This crashing is not normal behaviour. See if you can work out which file triggers it, and send it in so we can sort it out!

sorry about the delay!
here is situation 1:
i have a folder that is 3 folders deep from the root of the drive. it is 760 folders and 14,404 files and it opens up as 'images' fine, no crash. but when i set the display mode to 'details' it crashes immediately. it asks me if i want to terminate the thread~
yes: it freezes, nothing i do works
no: i say save lister and start over... crash

situation 2:
i have another folder that is two folders deep from drive root (and it has foreign character in its name, too). it is 372 folders and 1038 files. it loads as 'music' and i leave it like that. it crashes shortly after.

The sort order will end up determining which duplicate files are deleted and which are kept, by default. The first file is the one which doesn't have an X by it and the ones after it get the X mark for deletion.

If the duplicates are between two directories only you can use this to your advantage and (reverse) sort by Location so that it's always the ones you want which are marked.

If that isn't suitable then you've got to manually check/uncheck things, but (from memory) I think there's a key or command which transfers the selection to the checkboxes so you can quickly sort by location, select everything except the files in the directory you want to keep, then transfer that to the checkboxes and delete.