Can You Change the Content Type in the Metadata?

When I open the metadata panel for a document such as Excel, it'll list a Content Type under Document Properties. Is there a way to change this like everything else? I will change it and it will accept it. But, when I click away and retrurn to the same file, the original content will be there.

Modifying the Content Type field on a .XLS file and clicking Apply works OK here.

Check that the file isn't open in something else at the same time, which might block the update perhaps. Antivirus or anti-"data theft" tools may also block some programs from updating documents, as another possibility.

Something to test is whether or not you can make the same change using the Properties dialog which is part of Windows:

If a similar change made there is not saved after clicking OK and re-opening the dialog, then that points to something outside of Opus.