Can you set the color of script columns?

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Jon Directory Opus developer 1 Jan 9, 2019: Here's a simple script that adds a name length column. Install it by copying the file to the /dopusdata/Script AddIns folder.

Hi Jon, can you please tell me the variable I can use in this script to specify the COLOR of (all in all) ALL numbers displayed in this column (which you can usually set under -> Preferences -> Display -> Fields, but the column from the script is not visible here). So e.g. to set ALL values in the column are shown with the color red)?
Thx. a lot

I thought you could do this, but having looked I don't think you can. Only script columns that display graphs can define their colors. Script columns which display text values can only use the standard colors, as far as I can see:!Documents/Scripting/ScriptColumn.htm

Making it so Preferences / Display / Fields can define colors for script columns definitely makes sense. We've added that to our to-do list.

O.K. Leo & thanks for the link. I tried "graph_colors" (and "push_back()"), but I get the content of the column displayed completely white ...
Since I'm not a programmer: Could you write me (only) one/two line/s for the script to show something of the column-content in color (means other like the other columns), plz?
Thanks a lot

Do you want the information to be shown as a bar graph, not as a number/text? That's the only time when graph_colors will be used.

I only want the information (which is a number of the length of the name) to be highlighted in color (preferably in a fixed font). In the link I only found 'graph_colors' regarding colors ... an "col.label" has a different meaning than the standard "labels", namely it means the name of the column, so I can't set the color of an predefined (standard) labels ...
My script is:

option explicit

Function OnInit(initData) = "NameLength"
	initData.version = "1.0"
	initData.copyright = "(c) 2019 jpotter"
'	initData.url = ""
	initData.desc = "Displays filename length"
	initData.default_enable = true
	initData.min_version = "12.0"

	Dim col

	Set col = initData.AddColumn = "Namensslänge"
	col.method = "OnNameLength"
	col.label = "Namensslänge"
	col.justify = "right"
	col.autogroup = true
	col.type = "number"
	col.namerefresh = True
End Function

' Implement the NameLength column
Function OnNameLength(scriptColData)
	scriptColData.value = Len(
End Function

There's no way to change the text color of a script column currently (other than by changing the default for all columns).

Only graphs from script columns can define their colors at the moment.