Cannot copy or move files between Adobe Bridge and Directory Opus

Hello, I can not drag pictures from one window (Adobe Bride) to another (DOPUS). And also ctr-c / ctr-v won't work. Strange because such movements are possible in the standard explorer. If not possible I would like this to add to the list of wanted enhanchments. Thanks in advance. Henk de Koning

Make sure you're not running Opus elevated (as administrator) as this will break drag and drop.

Are you able to drag and drop from other applications?

Hello Jon, Thanks for your answer. UAC is not the case. I checked and I do not see “ADMINISTRATOR” in all-caps. I can drag and drop from Firefox and Edge to dopus for example. From Explorer tot Dopus and visa versa also works. Adobe Bridge is the onley program known with this problem.

We've added a workaround that will make drag & drop from Adobe Bridge work in the next update.

Ctrl-C / Ctrl-V (Copy & Paste) still doesn't work from Adobe Bridge, but it doesn't look like Adobe Bridge actually puts anything into the system clipboard, and Copy & Paste also doesn't work between Adobe Bridge and Explorer, so I don't think we can make that work.

Indeed Ctr-C Ctr-v doesn't work with Bridge -> to Explorer either. Drag and drop is what I would like to use from first to second screen. A workaround would be nice! So I'll wait for te next update. (When will this be?) Thanks for the help!!! Henk