Cannot delete a folder on a mounted partition?

Hi all,
I just begin to use Opus and encounter a queer problem. I cannot delete a folder on a mounted partition.

I create a new folder, for example '1234', on a partition, and I find

  1. If I assign a driver letter to the partition, I can delete the folder. If I mount the partition as a folder in another NTFS partition, I cannot delete the folder. The partition (where I create the new folder) can be Fat32 or NTFS, I get the same result.

  2. I can delete the folder in any situation if I hold 'shift' key meantime.

  3. I can delete files in any situation no matter whether I press 'shift' key or not.

OS: win2003 server + sp1
opus: Unicode



By default when you don't hold the shift key you're deleting to the recycle bin.

Deletes to the recycle bin are done via the same Windows API which Explorer calls. Opus doesn't have a lot of control over how it works because the API is pretty limited: Takes a list of files, gives up completely on the first error, displaying an error message like the one you've attached, and returns a result.

When you hold shift down Opus uses its internal delete routines (which don't delete to the recycle bin). In this case you'll get better error handling and the ability to retry and skip files/folders that have errors. (You can configure Opus so you don't have to hold shift for this behaviour if you want, but then you have to be sure about what you're deleting since there's no easy way to undo the delete. :slight_smile:)

My bet is that if you delete the same folder in Explorer you'll see the same problem. So this isn't an Opus issue but something to do with Windows and to do with mounting directories inside others (which is basically not supported nor understood by 90% of the OS and thus best avoided unless you have a really good reason to use it).

Oops, yes, you are right. The windows explorer also cannot delete the folder.

But Total Commander can delete it, and Total Commander really put the deleted folder in the RecycleBin, why?