Cannot get duration etc to work with ts and mp4 files

I cannot get duration and aspect ratio to show up when adding columns to video. I have no trouble with folder count and files when adding those but not duration and aspect ratio plus length. I was not sure if I should use length or duration but neither has worked. I am running the evaluation copy of 12. I have tried on both Windows 7 and 10 and nothing. Any help would be very much appreciated.

If File Explorer's length column works on your files, this should let you see the same thing in Opus:

I tried downloading the script but it says Failed (init) under status. I downloaded it and then went to downloads and then went to import scripts.

"Requires Directory Opus Pro 12.7.3 beta or above."

If you haven't installed the lastest beta version it won't work. It uses some features we only just added.