Cannot modify Rar archive without WinRAR?

I am trying to delete files inside zip files and keep getting this error, how can I fix this ?
I'm not sure but I think 7zip is the default handler for compressed files, if not I want to make it the default handler for all zip files how can I do this ?
Thank you

Zip files or Rar files?

If it's a Rar file, you can only modify it if WinRAR is installed, as the message says.

yes but 7zip handles rar also.
So this means that 7zip is not handling these files is that it ?

7-Zip cannot modify RAR archives. Nothing except RAR and WinRAR can. There is no library or component for doing so, other than the two programs themselves.

Opus can use WinRAR behind the scenes for this, if it is available on the machine.

Oh I did not know that

I installed winrar and it's working now

Thank you.