Cannot play .wav files

For some reason I cannot play .wav files anymore with Opus directory. It tries to open the Opus Player and closes immediately. If open the files in Windows Explorer I can open them fine since they open in my regular .wav player.

If I right, click the file and use Open it works, but the Play option is that its not working and if I double click the file by default it tries to play it instead of opening.

How can I disable the Opus Audio Player so that it opens the actual program to which the file is set to open?

EDIT: Found the option. Disable the internal player and not it opens the file. It seems there is some bug in the latest release that will not work with .wav files, the play option clearly does not work anymore for me and it worked in the past using the build in Opus player.

The built-in player depends on a Windows API and WAV codec which something has probably broken on your machine.

In the past, assigning Windows Media Player as the default handler for WAV files would generally repair them. I'm not sure if that still works these days.

Setting the .wav file extension to Windows Media Player did not solve the issue in my case with the Opus player.