Cannot rotate HEIC images using Convert -> Rotate

Hi Folks,
Title says it all. HEIC viewer works perfectly in Dopus but I cannot rotate anything. Rotation in Explorer works fine (insanely slow but that's just Explorer for you...) and once rotated, the images show up rotated in Dopus, too. (Explorer actually rotates the image, it does not change the EXIF data.)
Any ideas? I'm using the most recent Dopus, version 12.32

Yes, .heic images are still tricky, even ImageMagick cannot rotate them. ExifTool can change the flag.

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I have been struggling to find out what wizardry goes on with HEIC/HEIF images within Windows for a good while too. Even PowerShell can't rotate them (at least not via System.Drawing.Bitmap/RotateFlip).

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Ah, that's interesting! Could this potentially be worked around by having Dopus run a script? I haven't looked into Opus scripting so far, although I do write Autohotkey stuff now and then.

That would let me stay inside Dopus, which I would much prefer to do, rather than constantly opening the folder in Explorer, rotating and then closing out to come back to where I am.

Yes, easily:

exiftool.exe -verbose -progress:"Setting flag..." -overwrite_original -Quicktime:Rotation={dlgchoose|Select Quicktime Rotation:|0+90+180+270} -ext heic -@ {allfilepath|filem} > "Exif Rotation {date|yyyyMMdd}-{time|HHmmss}.log"

Here's the button I use:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<button backcol="none" display="both" textcol="none">
	<label>Set: Quicktime-Rotation to choice</label>
	<tip>Change Tag &apos;Rotation&apos; in .heic files </tip>
	<function type="batch">
		<instruction>exiftool.exe -verbose -progress:&quot;Setting flag...&quot; -overwrite_original -Quicktime:Rotation={dlgchoose|Select Quicktime Rotation:|0+90+180+270} -ext heic -@ {allfilepath|filem} &gt; &quot;Exif Rotation {date|yyyyMMdd}-{time|HHmmss}.log&quot;</instruction>
		<instruction />

How to use buttons and scripts from this forum

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Just checked: even iPads only change the flag to rotate an image.

MANY thanks! I will use this from now on. What a great experience for the first time using this forum!