Can't copy files pleas help

Hi, I have a pc and laptop. On my pc I have shared external HDD connected through USB2 port. When I’m trying to copy file, with new opus 9, from my laptop to that external HDD I receive the following error

“An error occurred copying 'index1.swf':
The handle is invalid.(6)”

The occur of the error doesn’t have connection with type of the file.
Some of the files are copied without a problem.
I don’t have this problem with opus 8.
I don’t know what to do. Please help!

Hi drackemoor,

This problem was fixed in an update released just after the initial 9.0 release. If you download the 9.0 installer again and install it over the top of your existing setup (then reboot) then the problem should go away.

thank you this resolve the problem :smiley: