Can't copy/move from mtp:

Moving process started, ghost files appeared, but no moving happens
This happens when the file properties are obtained and changing the lister type (to stop query) does not stop the querying files and folders. when it is ended - moving goes as usual. is there a way to force stop query?

copy issue2

What is meant by "changing the lister type"?

Which kind of query do you mean was running?

Have you tried the suggestions in the MTP FAQ?

changing content type from automatic "Images" to "None" (that must stop any old queries, thus in Opus 12)

getting all columns properties - image size, date taken. aspect ratio, camera model, etc.

not at that moment, the problem goes away when all the properties are read

It's likely the properties are still being read for a while after changing from Images to None. The background thread doesn't stop immediately. (Something I've been meaning to look at for a while, as it'd be nice if it stopped sooner. Haven't had a chance yet.)

MTP only seems able to do one thing at a time, so reading the properties is probably tying it up and delaying the copy. (Another reason to use SFTP or SMB for copying to phones if you can.)

Oh yes! You shouldn't even navigate an MTP connection using two file displays.