Can't delete archive (RAR, Zip) because Opus is using the file

When I first enter a folder, click on an archive (in this case, a RAR file), and press doesn't work because Directory Opus seems to be doing something with that file.

I have to either use an unlocking software or wait a couple of minutes, then I can delete the file. Here is what the unlocking software shows:

I have the "size" column enabled in my folder view. Maybe that's what's causing it? But I don't typically have this same problem with non-archive files.

Any ideas? Is this a bug?

The size column shouldn't cause archives to be locked. Columns that calculate the number of files/folders within things could.

Have you tried disabling your antivirus to see if that is what's locking the files in order to scan them? It's often the cause of lengthy locks on archives, especially if they contain installers or other executables.

Hi @Leo, I actually do have a file count column enabled. Is there an option to exclude archives from it?

There isn't an option for that, no. It's best to only turn on that kind of column when it's really needed, as it'll cause a lot of extra filesystem activity in general.

But it also shouldn't usually take long, or keep a file locked for long, to just list the contents of it. That the file is remaining locked for so long means the problem could still be caused by antivirus scanning the archive when it is opened, which will block the thread opening it to count the contents until the virus scan completes.

(Some archive types can also be slow to list. That can include RARs with a lot of files inside them when made by some versions of WinRAR, from what I remember. See how long it takes to open the same archive and list its contents in another program, since Opus may have cached the listing already if it has opened the file to count its contents.)