Can't delete files in Directory Opus


as i said i cant seem to be able to delete anything inside directory opus the only thing that works its right click>delete i have read many threads but i still cant delete my files even if i press on the delete button

works perfectly fine in windows explorer files and foldes
have tried:
admin mode
no antivirus
shit del
ignore trash can AK shift del

thanks and hope you can help

What happens when you try to delete the files?

Is there an error message? Please post a screenshot of it, or the full and exact text inside it, so we can see what it says.

nothing at all. its like i didnt click but it work everywhere else

If you turn off Preferences / File Operations / Deleting Files / Delete to Recycle Bin where possible (supports undo) and delete a test file, does that work?

(Or turn it on, if it's already off. Try the opposite setting to the current one, to see if the recycle bin is involved.)

nop neither works

is there any kind of log file i can give you or something to help a bit extra?

So clicking the image button on the toolbar does nothing?

If it's just the Del key on the keyboard that doesn't work it's possible you've reassigned the key. Go to Settings / Customize / Keys and see if there's an entry for Delete.

the button does nothing and there entries for del but they are in red (wonderingface)

i dont think the one here is full ress so here you have a link to the file:!AkLvcSrQdEbBj_1zP3KreaV9wbowWw

ps pm if you want discord and kick the problem in real time. i have no problem

It looks like you've turned on the Image Viewer toolbar in your lister. The commands on that toolbar only work in the viewer and won't fucntion properly in the lister.

Either that or you've turned on the "always enable hotkeys" option for the Image Viewer toolbar, which you definitely don't want to do.


Image Viewer was on! and i didnt even know how to enable till now, and now if and things are loooking good