Can't delete Items in the favorites menu!

I have what appears to be 2 Favorites menus. One on top of the other.
The old one is from when I first bought DOPus, and has mostly old network
links that are no longer there. When I go to Edit-Favorites these favorites are nowhere to be seen, so I can't delete them.

To clerify what it looks like when you press Favorites there is my list of
favorites how it appears in the Edit-Favorites List, and then after "Open in Tabs" , there is a seperator , and then the old favorites which also has its
own Open in Tabs option.

The lower favorites are the smart favorites, which are added automatically, depending on your settings & the usage of folders. You can find the settings in -> options -> preferences -> favorites -> smart favorites.
They mirror a statistical usage, therefore they can´t be edited directly, only by the fact, that you perhaps start to use certain folders more frequently.

If you don't want them at all, just turn off Smart Favorites via the Prefs page abr pointed out. (The main "Enable" checkbox at the top of the prefs page.)

If you do use Smart Favorites but don't want them in that particular menu, you can remove them from the menu using Customize mode.

I too was puzzling over these. There are a number of smart favorites that seemed to have come in the config files for this theme.

While I was able to use Customize to remove them from the Favorites menu, when I turn on the tabs (PREFS --> LISTERS --> FOLDER TABS : Display Tabs at the top and bottom) I get these same smart favorites that automatically show up as a set of tabs. Even when I turn off smart favorites, these same tabs still show up.

How can I manage the tab list. . . There's nothing in PREFS --> LISTERS --> FOLDER TAB GROUPS either.

Thanks for all your efforts

Smart Favorites never automatically generate folder tabs. Could you post a screenshot showing what you see?

Here's the current setup . With the exception of the "Mr. J's Website" (and obviously C: & D:) none of the tabs are locations on my computer. . . They appear to have come with the config files.

I'm still learning, but I also checked in PREFS --> LISTERS --> STYLES and there are no Tabs specified in there either.


Are you sure you didn't open those tabs yourself? (e.g. By clicking the "Open in Tabs" item at the bottom of the favorites list by accident or out of curiosity?)

(BTW, you can get rid of the "Open in Tabs" item by adding NOOPENINTABS to the command which generates the list, while in Customize mode.)

I think I've got it now. . . I think that I must have clicked OPEN IN TABS at some point in the past and than saved that as the default lister. . . In the end I deleted all the tabs and replaced them with my own and then saved a new default lister. . . and I don't see the old ones any more.

Thanks for your patience & help.