Can't delete TIFF file "open in directory opus"

See error dialog attachmentUntitled-1

Reboots do not fix, used the "Unlocker" utility with no positive result. Please advise.
EDIT: I sometimes receive errors in Photoshop preventing me from resaving a file because it's "used by another process" so I'm now wondering if Dopus is responsible for those glitches as well.

Can you make that file available somewhere for us to download for testing?

I'm not sure. The filesize exceeds my free Dropbox acct. limit, so let me see what other options are available.

I've sent you a private message, cheers.

Thanks, I'll give it a try later today when I get home.

File has been uploaded. Hope you find something.

Thanks very much for sending the file, I was able to reproduce the problem and this will be fixed in the next update.

Excellent. Thanks for your help.